Gluten-free sourdoughs – workshop in Malmö – March 25, 2018

This workshop will be a journey through different types of gluten-free sourdoughs around the world.

Make your own vinegar – workshop in Malmö – March 11, 2018

Learn everything you need to know to start producing vinegar at home.

Fermentation step further – vegetables and fruits – workshop in Malmö – February 4, 2018

This workshop is for you if you have basic knowledge about fermenting vegetables but would like to master your skills and get inspiration to go further with your fermenting experiments.

Grow your own tempeh – workshop in Malmö – February 11, 2018

Tempeh has its origins in Indonesia, traditionally made from soybeans, but can be also made from other beans and grains. During fermentation process the specific strains of mold binds the beans together, turning them into protein-rich, easily digestible delicacy.

Fermentation course for beginners in Malmö

Any vegetable, fruits, herbs, and spices, raw or cooked, can be fermented! Learn how to  ferment vegetables in a lot of different variation! Start to create amazing fermented products, which will support your health and  well-being!

Probiotic and sparkling fermented drinks – workshop in Malmö

Do you want to learn how to make healthy fermented sodas to enjoy every day? This workshop will focus on different wild fermentation cultures (kombucha, water kefir, ginger bug) which can be used to make sparkling, natural and delicious drinks.

Why ferment?

TASTE -  fermentation makes food taste more, gives us unique flavors that taste can't be achieved by chemical additives or the addition of any spices.

Garlic Mustard

One of common and easy to identify plant for foraging in early spring. Can be find on forest edges and hedgerows. Have pungent and slightly bitter taste.