My name is Agata, and I am the founder of Meadow Lab. I am an artist, forager, vegetarian chef, fermentation and wild plants educator. I live  in a little village in the South of Sweden.

Idea of Meadow Lab is to invite you to:

  • experience old way of living which include foraging for edible and medicinal plants and mushrooms, natural techniques of preserving and preparing food.
  • connect more deeply with one’s immediate environment and, with their deep roots.
  • explore old knowledge that is valuable for modern human

Human existence have been dependent  of foraging and preserving food from the beginning of its existence. Fermentation is probably the oldest preservation technique and, is an important part of food heritage in cultures from all around the world.

Agata Bielska Annersten

 My story

I am educated in visual art (Master Diploma in painting and video art), and was working for some time as a teacher in art school, but soon I found a new calling… Ten years ago I moved out from home city (Lodz, Poland) and I started to live in small cabin in forest, and that is when new chapter of my life started. My painting studio changed into an experimental lab for fermentation and herbalism

Daily walks in the forest became my everyday routine, to study nature and learn about wild plants. On my way I was lucky enough to encounter some wonderful herbalism teachers, which took me with them on walks in the woods.

It changed my life completely, it was like illumination. Suddenly wild plants ceased to be a green plant mass, and each gained their individuality. Suddenly, every walk have became exciting adventure, an opportunity learn something more different plants. I start to participate in different herbalism courses and swallow all kind of botanical books.

Soon my local forest became my local supermarket where I found my groceries – different species of wild edible plants. Cooking using wild plants have started to be my passion and later my work as well.

In the meantime fermentation appeared in my life, which is something of alchemy, lots of fun and space for experimentation – a bit like a art. Passion for cooking, wild plants, and fermentation brought me start workshops, culinary performance, wild food restaurants pop ups and other events.

In 2015 love called me to move to South of Sweden. Here I live now in a forest cottage with my husband Micke, 3 dogs and cat.I fell in love with scandinavian nature and in 2016, I started my own company MEADOW LAB. I am also working as chef in Rude Food Malmö.