Wild edible plants walk in Lund – May 19, 2018

Come and learn about wild edible plants in your neighborhood, how to identify, use and enjoy them  in a sustainable way. Getting engaged with wild foods brings out your adventurous spirit, satisfies the drive to be more self-reliant, and fulfills the desire to connect more intimately with the earth and its bounty.

My tempeh story

It's been over five years since I started growing my own tempeh. My first batch of home-grown tempeh was made for fun as a one time culinary experiment. But it turned out to be something big. I fell in love with homemade tempeh from the first bite. The fresh tempeh tasted amazing and it had so many uses in plant-based cooking.

Plant based fermented yogurts – workshop

Are you looking to incorporate more plant-based staples into your life? Join this workshop and learn how to make your own non-dairy yogurt easily and economically.

Make your own vinegar – workshop

Learn everything you need to know to start producing vinegar at home.

Fermentation step further – vegetables and fruits – workshop

This workshop is for you if you are looking for inspirations where to go further with fermenting vegetables and fruits. During the workshop we will explore how to ferment vegetables in rice barn, kefir, miso, tea and broth

Fermentation course for beginners – Malmö, 10th February 2019

Any vegetable, fruits, herbs, and spices, raw or cooked, can be fermented! Learn how to  ferment vegetables in a lot of different variation! Start to create amazing fermented products, which will support your health and  well-being!

Grow your own tempeh – workshop

Tempeh has its origins in Indonesia, traditionally made from soybeans, but can be also made from other beans and grains. During fermentation process the specific strains of mold binds the beans together, turning them into protein-rich, easily digestible delicacy.