• Private wild edible plants walk.

For individuals and groups who wish to learn more about wild edibles. Popular option for gift for nature interested/ foodie person, landowners who want to get to know their property better. We can meet in your neighborhood/ your land or in place propose by me.
I take out groups from 1-20 people

  • Foraging experience and shared wild meal

We forage, cook and enjoy food together from a theme of your choice or with raw material of the season.

  • Lecture about wild edible plants / useful weeds / urban foraging


  • Consultancy for development of food and drinks with wild edible plants
    Are you looking for wild inspirations for your new product, menu, drink, I am here to help you


  • Private fermentation workshop

Fermentation for beginners – introduction
Fermenting vegetables
Fermented drinks
Fermenting with mold – Tempeh and Koji
Gluten-free sourdough
Vinegar making


  • Consultancy for development of fermented foods and drinks
    Are you working on developing fermented product, I am here to help you.