?My fav edible bush. I am not talking here just about fruits. There is so much more to love about raspberry.
?Try the top part of young stems when they are still bright green and fat. Core part is juicy and crunchy and tastes like watermelon with raspberry aroma. It makes a perfect hiking snack.
?Leaves which you can pick from spring to autumn, are mineral powerhouse,
rich in magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and iron.
Pick them and dry for herbal teas, which also taste uplifting, a bit like green or black tea, due to the content of tannins. Try using it in brewing kombucha instead of usual tea.
?The raspberry tea appart of remineralizing the body, supports digestion and has special action in supporting women’s health, acts on uterus muscles,  relaxes and strengthens them.