Guide to edible weeds in gardens
chickweed – våtarv – (Stellaria media)

🌿Chickweed feels at home in rich soil with plenty of moisture.  In favorable conditions, it will grow lushly and blanket the whole ground with a carpet of small leaves and tiny white flowers.
🌿It is my go-to wild green for making salads. It has a fresh and delicate taste and pleasant texture. Flavour resembles pea shoots. I mostly use it raw in salads,  on top of sandwiches or as a green garnish, but it also works great in green smoothies, wild tabbouleh, or as pot green.
🌿For getting finest salad greens, look for stems that have big and lush leaves and take just the top 5-8 cm of each stem. You can also gather the longer pieces of stems and flowering stems with smaller leaves, but their flavor and texture will be worse.
🌿Now during the summer, it is best to look for plants that grow in more shady and moisture places, for example under shade of big cabbage plant
🌿Chickweed is rich in iron, zinc, and potassium, richer than any of the domesticate greens.