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Come and learn about wild edible plants in the city, how to identify, use and enjoy them in a sustainable way.
We will walk in the seaside and green area of Västra Hamnen. This place has various environments and offers an opportunity to see the huge diversity of wild edible plants. The walk will finish with a small picnic with homemade tasters made with wild and seasonal ingredients.


season 2022 location


Imagine that no matter where you are in nature you find plants you can eat. 
Imagine that you can pick the nutritious foods that support your health and sense of self resilience and self-sufficiency.
Imagine that even if you live in a city there are over 100 wild edible plants around you, grown locally and more sustainable than farmed food. 
Imagine that you regain a sense of belonging and being part of nature. 

You will learn:

?How to start learning about wild edible plants
?How to identify and use a minimum of 10 wild edible plants
?What safety rules must be followed when collecting wild plants
?Which plants are in season
?Where to look for them
?How to observe cycle of plant’s life and how to look for tastiest wild edibles all year around
?Which parts of the plant can be used as a food and how to choose the tastiest
?Tried and tested suggestions on cooking, processing tips and recipe ideas
?Information of nutritional and medicinal benefits

All walks last around 2,5 -3 h 
Maximum participants in group: 10
Walk guided by Agata Bielska from Meadow Lab, foraging and wild food educator

Meeting point: Malmö, Västra Hamnen, Propellergatan 10 a

What to Bring:

?Comfortable, weather appropriate clothing and footwear
?Notebook and pen
?Cup, plate and cutlery for trying homemade tasters made with wild ingredients at the end of the walk
?Bottle of water or drink
?Blanket or sit pad to sit on the grass 


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