Wild letter #2 April 2022


I love to talk about countless wild edible plants, and diverse  gifts that each of them can offer. But the fact that there are so many wild edible plants can be overwhelming. So if you ever wondered where to start,  which of them is most valuable and worth collecting. Today I want to tell you about a plant which in my opinion should be a number one both for beginners and more experienced foragers, queen of wild greens –  Stinging nettle! 

It is one plant but it has so many superpowers that it should count for a hundred!


  • Nettle is probably the richest source of minerals among plant foods! 
  • Nettle is a perfect natural  mineral and vitamin supplement that can be used in the long-term. It has vitamins and minerals in the perfect balanced ratios, rich in iron, calcium, magnesium, silicon, potassium, manganese zinc, copper, chromium and vitamins A, C, K and most of the B vitamins.
  • Nettle will nourish you inside out, its high-mineral content makes nettle especially beneficial  to build up healthy blood, bone, teeth, and hair.
  • Nettle can moderate environmental and seasonal allergies by reducing inflammation and histamine response.
  • Great for everyone, but especially supportive to  those who struggle with  fatigue, anaemia, and malnourishment. 


 Nettles grow vigorously in fertile soils, you can find it in gardens, parks, meadows, lawns, pastures. Use thick gloves that the stinging hairs can’t penetrate. Harvest the top part of the plant by either cutting or pinching them off.

Don’t worry if you get stung. It will create irritation that can last up to 12h, but it is not harmful.  Urtication, the practice of stinging oneself with nettles, was traditionally used to relieve  a musculoskeletal and arthritic pains and restore feeling to numbed areas. 


Give your stinging nettles a good wash in a sink or a big bowl full of cold water to remove bugs, dirt or any other possible residue on them. I put batches of stinging nettles in the water and move them around and then I let them drip on a strainer. 

From here you can either pour some boiling water  over your nettles and wait 2-3 minutes  to neutralise stinging hairs or add your nettles directly to the dish you are cooking. 

Fresh young cooked or blanched nettles are tasty green vegetables that shine  in soups, stir-fries, smoothes, salads, pesto, risotto or even in the cake. 

Another way to have more nettle super powers in your life is to make a nettle tea from dried leaves, you can collect and dry  your own or buy ready. 

To extract minerals and other goodness from nettle leaves you need to make a long infusion. You can do it in a jar or in termos if you prefer to drink it warm.  Pour 1l boiling water over the 2-4 tablespoons of dried nettle leaves, cover and step for 4 to 8 hours or overnight. Once the herbs have steeped, strain the liquid, it should have a beautiful strong green colour.  Drink it throughout the day, you can have it in your water bottle.

Nettle leaf tea has a strong chlorofil flavour, to make it more tasty try adding some cinnamon, ginger, mint, linden flowers or lemon grass.  


Enjoy gifts from nature and let me know if you have any questions about stinging nettles and other wild edible plants.

with wild greetings,


Events in Spring 2022


21st May and 18th June 2022

Gå med i en dagslång workshop och utforska världen av vilda ätliga växter. Du kommer att uppleva, lukta, röra, smaka och lära dig hur du använder 10 vilda ätliga växter som är under säsong. Kursen syftar till att lära ut hur du kan gör goda måltider med vilda grönsaker och hur du kan använda fler av dem i din vardagliga matlagning. 

Vi börjar med en vandring i naturen där vi lär oss hur man identifierar och plockar olika växter. With gathered plants we  will move to our outside kitchen and learn how to  use and enjoy them in different meals. We will finish with eating a 3 course meal prepared from gathered wild ingredients.

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Wild edible plants in Malmö – walk and wild picnic

April-June 2022, Malmö

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Wild edible plants in Linderöd – walk and wild picnic

April-June 2022

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