• Privat vilda ätliga växter promenad.

Enskild eller i grupp som vill lära sig mer om användning av vilda växter. Vi kan träffas på en plats du själv väljer eller på en plats som jag föreslår. Grupper från 1-20 personer.. Läs mer

  • Vilda ätliga växter promenad med vild måltid

Vi samlar växter i naturen och njuter av en måltid baserat på ingredienserna från vilda växter.

  • Föreläsning om vilda ätliga växter
  • Rådgivning för utveckling av mat och dryck med vilda ätliga växter


  • Fermenterings workshop
  • Rådgivning för utveckling av fermenterade livsmedel och drycker


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Probiotic and sparkling fermented drinks

Do you want to learn how to make healthy fermented sodas to enjoy every day? This workshop will focus on different wild fermentation cultures (kombucha, wild yeast starter, lactic acid bacteria) which can be used to make sparkling, natural, and delicious drinks.

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Grow your own tempeh

Tempeh har sitt ursprung i Indonesien, traditionellt gjord av sojabönor, men kan även göras av andra bönor, ärtor, spannmål, frön, nötter och även grönsaker. Under fermenteringsprocessen binder de specifika mögel stammarna ihop bönorna och förvandlar dem till en proteinrik, lättsmält delikatess.

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Ferment your vegetables

Fermentation is the oldest and healthiest food preservation technique. What's more, it makes food taste more, gives us unique flavors, extends life and vitality of food. Start to create amazing fermented products, which will support your health and well-being!

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Wild edible plants – workshop + meal

Learn about wild edible plants and their versatile flavors and culinary uses. You will have a chance to look, smell, touch, and taste, and learn how to use 10 wild edible plants that are now in the season. We will cook together and finish with eating 3-course meal prepared from Wild Nature.

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Wild edible plants walk and picnic

Come and learn about wild edible plants in your neighborhood, how to identify, use, and enjoy them. We will walk and learn how to identify and use wild edible plants, their nutritional values, and history. We finish with small picnic – testing different wild plants in salads, pesto, jams, pickels, vinegar.

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Wild edible plant walk in Malmö

Come and learn about wild edible plants in your neighborhood, how to identify, use and enjoy them in a sustainable way. Getting engaged with wild foods brings out your adventurous spirit, satisfies the drive to be more self-reliant, and fulfills the desire to connect more intimately with the earth and its bounty.

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Make your own vinegar

Everything you need to know to start producing vinegar at home. Learn techniques how to make vinegar from fruits, herbs, vegetables, wine, honey, beer and malt. Get inspired how to
use different types of vinegar in food, drinks, pickling and for extracting and preserving tastes.

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Entering the world of Koji (2-day class)

You will have an in-depth lecture about this mysterious fungus called Aspergillus oryzae. The course not only teaches you how you get on with this world of Koji, but also includes the history of this ancient biotechnology and how closely it has been in daily life for hundreds of years in Japan.

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Mastering Miso (1-day class)

“Miso” is widely used in both traditional and modern Japanese cuisine, and has been gaining worldwide interest over the last years. In this workshop, you will be fully guided through the preparing methods of this traditional Japanese fermented soybean paste.

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